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Ordering books directly from WGOT benefits our organization because the proceeds can come directly to us rather than a portion being redirected to a distributor. Please consider a direct order through PayPal to support our local writers. See bottom of page for details.




“Within these pages, one’s soul will be led on a sensuous journey from the sweetest sublime through the dark and earthy bittersweet of love and disappointment…(They) leave the reader renewed, confirmed and again believing in the power of poetry as prayer.”

– Anjail Rashida Ahmad, Director
The Creative Writing Program
NC A&T State University

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THE SPLENDOR OF READING MEMOIR: Share the thrills, chills and spills as twenty merry writers dance down memory lane. Hear their childhood secrets; Suffer their teenage angst. Meet those who inspire them. And those who warm their hearts. Laugh at their shenanigans. Heed their advice. Absorb their wisdom.



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Journey_of_FaithSeven-year-old Anthony Majok was torn from his happy African village and began running for his life, due to ongoing civil war, sparked by religious and political strife. The Christian Majok family, along with many others, refused to take up the Islam faith. Over the next 17 years, Majok and thousands of lost boys and girls of Sudan battled well-armed soldiers, vicious animals, hunger and disease as they fled across the continent. Set in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and, finally, the United States, it is Majok’s unwavering faith that helps him withstand devastating hardship.

Journey of Faith conveys not only Majok’s moving personal story, it illuminates the reasons for decades of war in Sudan. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization Southern Sudan Voice of Hope


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anthology-cover-web-thumbnailStuck in the car? Long line at WalMart? Waiting in a boring office with no kids’ magazines or toys? Whip out Doorway to Adventure, and cross the threshold into a realm of adventure and imagination. Go through the secret brown door, travel through time, or discover secrets untold. Meet pirates and dragons, faeries and wizards. Laugh with silly pigs, talking mice and funny kittens. This collection of 23 stories and poems for kids of all ages, which includes several award-winning pieces, is divided into two sections. Part 1 is comprised of read-aloud stories for children ages 5-7. Part 2 is for kids from 8-11. Parents will enjoy these timeless tales as much as the kids will.


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CANDLE IN THE ATTIC is a book of small, secret pleasures to savor long after, like reading under the covers, or reading by candlelight in the attic on a dark day, all under the warm pen-and-ink illustrations of Dianne Sherrill. The simplicity of her lovely sketch for “A Buddy for Ben” is itself worth the price of the book. Just for giggles, try “The Dog Who Talked” and “Giraffe Gyrations.” Slightly more sophisticated young readers will puzzle the twists and turns of English idioms in “Body Language,” and all will take a painless lesson in social comportment and social/ecological responsibility from “Little Singing Bear.”



“Though most of the selections will please very young children, others urge the child out into the larger world where his or her sense of self and others will be challenged and buffeted: Read “Farmer Girl,” “Safe Haven,” “Molly’s Dolly,” or “The Likes of Rufus Lee;” and even “Hai and Wing,” which sails the young reader to the culture of the Far East. The child’s sense of adventure will be stirred by “Danger in the Bell Tower” and “Schoolhouse Aliens.” And finally, for singing very quietly by the flickering light of the candle, “You’re Unique,” and “Ring-a-Ding-Ding.” CANDLE IN THE ATTIC is a fine small book for curling up with as the long, cold days come on us.”

– Mary Elizabeth Parker


Creative Writing Cooking:
Recipes from the Authors You Love




An anthology of great recipes from from well-known authors such as Stephen King, collected by the Writers’ Group of the Triad!


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Ordering books directly from WGOT benefits our organization because the proceeds can come directly to us rather than a portion being redirected to a distributor. Please consider a direct order through PayPal to support our local writers.

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