Ekphrastic Workshops

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WGOT Interactive Workshop Reading, Creative Center 8-23-14  Caren Masem reads her poem based on Karen Spencer's painting

August 2014 Interactive Writing & Art Workshop

Diana Engel and Steve Wessells led a very successful ekphrastic writing workshop in August 2014 at the Creative Center, Greensboro, NC.  Seventeen writers participated, selecting Creative Center artwork as subjects for their writing on 8/16/14.  The following Saturday reading drew a crowd of nearly forty people which included Creative Center artists and Jeri Rowe of the News & Record.  To read Jeri Rowe’s column about the 8/23/14 workshop reading, click here. To see a sample of the workshop art and writing, click here.

A shout-out of many thanks to Creative Center artist and community organizer Jack Stone, Creative Center artist Julie Dameron, and News & Record writer Jeri Rowe. Their crucial help and involvement transformed the reading into a richer success than ever before and informed the local community about the dynamic arts organizations, WGOT and the Creative Center.