Speculative Fiction Writers

Start time: 5-7pm

Location: Sternberger Artists’ Center 712 Summit Avenue Greensboro NC
The Speculative Fiction writers group meets on the last Sunday of every month at the Sternberger Artist Center, 712 Summit Avenue, Greensboro. There is ample free and well-lighted parking in back of the building.

The facilitator of the Speculative Fiction Group is Liz Lustig.  For information about the group and/or to attend an upcoming meeting, contact Rick Fisher (336) 282-0669, rfisher_writer@jhu.edu.

ELustigElizabeth Lustig finds brevity challenging. She prefers writing short stories over book length manuscripts. Her list of published articles is impressive, and one should not be surprised to find the bizarre, the fantastic or the surreal in them, as in the Song of Cthulhu, Midnight Zoo and Indigenous Fiction. Liz has a multitude of talents. She has written news stories, features and book reviews for the News and Record, is a former editor of the UNC-G literary magazine, Corraddi, and has been an entrepreneur, owning Northstate Graphics and publishing the Northstate Reader. “The most important thing to do, to get better,” she advises, “is to read. So, when I can’t write, I read. I read mostly short fiction — all genres.”